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Who We Are

Porshher is an online retailer dealing mainly in women’s clothing and accessories. It a brand that
focuses on producing very affordable high quality clothing and accessories.

Affordable Fashion.
Production of quality pieces.
Made in Nigeria products.
Inspire fashion fans to dress their personal style.
Driven by a passion for fashion and a desire to dress customers in a sustainable way

Our Philosophy is pretty simple – Affordable Fashion with Great Quality
A fashion clothing store for women with a new and progressive concept and frequently updated
fashion at affordable prices.
Keeping up with street fashion with the changing times. The brand takes a look at how fashion is
changing every day. It makes new designs and makes them readily available.
Combining cutting-edge design with an affordable price tag, we push boundaries to bring you all the latest looks for less.

Our stylish woman aesthetic is all about mixing up styles. With one eye on the runway and the
other firmly on awesome street style, our collections are ideal for creating beautifully individual
looks created in beautiful fabrics and limited edition designs.

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Great Quality.

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Quality Clothing at Affordable Prices.

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